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Naming Convention Guidelines

Production Naming Conventions Purpose: We need to standardize the naming process of elementtext and node_id so that the names are not randomized and clearly reflect their function. These names need to be standardized for successful and accurate reporting on key metrics. Buttons ➤ The following should apply to custom and standard buttons in eko studio.  […]

ADA Checklist for partners

See ADA Guidelines for further clarification.  Implementation Vendor Text & icon elements maintain a color contrast ratio of 4:5:1 and images must have a color contrast ratio of 3:0:1 Ensure all custom buttons and elements are given the appropriate aria role and label / alt text Ensure all custom buttons and elements have the correct […]

Making your eko project ADA compliant

Here is our eko guide to making your projects WCAG 2.1 AA compliant! Eko Studio Buttons:  Text Buttons For text buttons in eko studio by default the text inside the button will be read/expressed to anyone using ADA settings but there are a few scenarios to look out for and 2 main ones are focus […]

Making image buttons disappear on click

In some cases (mostly when you set buttons to jump “on click”), you want the button (and other buttons that are part of the choice) to disappear immediately and not linger into the next node like the default eko studio behavior. The way to achieve that for image buttons is:   Under the “Style” Tab, […]

Converting your project to the Eko Studio player

Eko Studio is packed with new features! This document will explain them and tell you how to update your projects to our new Eko Studio so you can take advantage of all the awesome new stuff!   The Benefits of the New Player: The new player provides a much better experience for your viewers, so […]

Supported Formats

Eko Studio supports a variety of files: Video Extensions – avi, mov, flv, mp4, wmv, 3gp, mpeg2, rm, divx, 3g2, dv,f4v, mpg, mpe, mpeg, m1v, m2v, m4v, m2ts, webm Although all the above formats are supported, we recommend using uncompressed .avi or .mov files to ensure your transitions will be seamless. If you choose to compress the […]

Creating an Account

To create your account, simply  sign in for a new account. You can always edit the account details such as your name later, but make sure you use a real email so that you can later verify your account. Verify Your Account Prior to publishing your video, we request that you verify your email address by […]