Publish the Video


The Changelog allows you to track the project’s various publications, compare revisions, identify differences, help team members collaborate around revisioning information, track and set which Revision is currently in development, and which revision is ‘Live’ on the site or app. The Changelog  features: The Publish manager allows adding release notes to each publish. The revision […]

Publish Manager

The Publish Manager is located at the top right corner of the authoring tool, next to Preview. Publishing Your Project: Clicking the ‘Publish’ button inside the Publish Manager will make your project live online. If your project doesn’t give you the option to Publish, make sure all your nodes have a video asset and are […]

Publishing Status

After the first publish, the Publish Manager button will display the current project’s publishing status. Here is an example:   – the published version of the project is up to date with all the changes.   – the project has changed since the last publish. Choose ‘publish updates’ to update the published online version. No Icon […]

Publish Settings

PUBLISH SETTINGS To access the Publish Settings, click the small wrench icon next the Publish Manager. When changing any of the publish settings you’ll be asked to ‘Save and Apply’ the change. Clicking this option will directly commit the change to your project and online video, if it’s published.   Basic info on Publish Settings: […]