Working Area Sections

Background Soundtrack

To create a background soundtrack that will play during your video, just drag a .WAV or .MP3 to the Library and select it from the dropdown menu in the Background Soundtrack section directly below the Library. You can adjust the volume of the soundtrack. Choose to fade in and out using the triangle buttons. You […]

Node Editor

The Node Editor is built from three sections: Preview Monitor – Displays the assets selected for the screen and all the node elements. If there is no asset, the monitor will display a placeholder. Node Elements List – All the elements the node contains. Element Settings Tabs – Edit the Elements’ Action, Style, and Transform […]


Eko Studio’s Library houses assets (video, images, and audio) used in your project. Assets need to be added for each new project; there is no master Library within Eko Studio, the only way to replicate assets is to create a copy of the project. Each asset’s name appears next to an icon indicating the asset type […]

Tree Area Toolset

The tree toolset is there to help you navigate through your project tree, see it in different views and easily focus on smaller sections of your interactive story. You can move the toolset anywhere on the tree by clicking on the gripping pad on the right side of the panel and dragging the toolset. Search […]

Project Settings

The Project Settings Panel provides the details of your project at a glance: Video Ratio The number of nodes, screens, and paths Your project’s name Toggle default button sound on and off for future and/or existing nodes Setting the type of effect node elements appear and disappear with You can access the Project Settings Menu […]


Previewing Your Project: The Preview button at the top right corner of your screen allows you to see your work so far and how your project will appear to viewers. The Preview you will see is lower quality than your actual project; we do it this way so a Preview can be made available to […]