Screen Shot 2019-09-18 at 3.24.48 PMIn the Element Action tab, you can choose what will happen when a button is clicked.

Graphic (No Action): Allows you to include text or a graphic on the screen.

Select Node: Connects a node to any node in the screen (including previous nodes and itself). You can also choose when the connection will happen (at the end of the current node or right when the button is clicked) and if that button plays a sound when clicked.

External Link: Directs the viewer to a URL.

Toggle Play/Pause: In case you wish to pause and play during the video. Note that the Eko player already includes a Play/Pause button.

Start Video: Start playing the video – for the Start Screen only.

Next Video: Direct the viewer to a specific Eko video. Define by the video ID of the desired next video.

Replay: The viewer will start watching the current video, by default from the first node. You can choose to restart with a different node.

Connection – Node End/On Click (for Select Node buttons only) – toggle when the connection will occur, either the moment the viewer clicked the button (On Click) or after the video segment has played through (node end).

Button Visibility  – Decide if the button graphics will disappear when the node is changing or it will slide to the next node to hint the user what choice was made.

Default Button Sound – Decide whether the “ding” is heard or not when clicking this element.

*Note that there is no option to edit a Timer’s action.