The Changelog allows you to track the project’s various publications, compare revisions, identify differences, help team members collaborate around revisioning information, track and set which Revision is currently in development, and which revision is ‘Live’ on the site or app.

The Changelog  features:

  • The Publish manager allows adding release notes to each publish. The revision release notes appear in the changelog next to each revision. Documenting the revision changes, enhancements, bug fixes help keep track of your revisions information.
  • Each Changelog revision includes information on assets, nodes, UI, and code added, deleted, or modified.
  • The Changelog enables the project owner to set the ‘Live’ revision, the currently live revision, on the site or app. If no revision was set to live revision, the default behavior is that the newly published revision will become the ‘live’ revision. When locking the revision as – the live revision, the revision will maintain locked as live revision, and new publish revisions won’t affect it.  

To access the  Changelog, tap on the Publish Manager ‘Manage Revisions’ link.