Connections are made to link nodes and create pathways within your tree. The connections you make create possible paths the users can take as they progress in your narrative.

Connections view

There are several ways to create a connection:

  • Create a new node from an existing one (by pressing the “+” icon)
  • Drag a line between the parent node’s “+” sign to the desired child node. Notice that you can connect a child node only from its left side (once you’ve successfully dragged a line to a child node the left side will be highlighted)
  • In the node editor: choose a button or create a new button, change the action to ‘select node’, and select a child node.

Connection colors:

  • Blue highlight – when hovering over a connection
  • Dark blue highlight – selected connection, automatically opens the Connection Settings Panel
  • Yellow highlight – the connection will be affected by an edit you’re about to make in the Node Editor

For a each connection you can decide when to connect to the next node: at the current node’s end or the moment the viewer makes their choice. You can toggle between the two connection settings from the tree by clicking on the circle (full circle: connect on node end; empty circle: connect on click). You can also change this setting with the toggle buttons in the Connection Settings Panel and Node Editor.

Deleting a Connection: All Connections are represented in the tree and can be deleted by selecting them and clicking “Delete” on your keyboard.

Connecting to the End Screen: there is no need to create connections to the End Screen, instead every node which has no children will automatically go to the End Screen.