Eko Studio is packed with new features! This document will explain them and tell you how to update your projects to our new Eko Studio so you can take advantage of all the awesome new stuff!


The Benefits of the New Player:

The new player provides a much better experience for your viewers, so it’s definitely worth converting your project. Included below are all the reasons why.

  • Full iPhone Support - You don’t need an app to play Eko Studio Projects on iPhone.
  • Adaptive Bitrate - Better video delivery with less buffering.
  • New Full HD (1080p) - High quality video delivered at high connection speeds.
  • Real Time Switching - You can create seamless, immediate switching experiences between channels (which includes audio!) with up to four channels.


Updating Existing Projects to the New Player:

Converting your project is easy. Go through this simple 3 step process so your projects can have all the benefits of the new player.

Step 1: Convert your project

Click “Update project” or “Update a copy” when prompted. You would choose “Update a copy” if your live project is embedded somewhere and you don’t want to break the link while you’re working on the update.

The buttons will appear in a popup after your project has loaded:

Untitled drawing (8)

The converted project will go through a relatively short (2-6 minutes) conversion.

 Step 2: Re-upload your video assets

Next you should re-upload your video assets (if you keep the original asset name you don’t have to re-populate the tree with your updated assets, you can just drag and replace the old video asset to the library and select “I’m Sure” when prompted.)

Untitled drawing (9)

This step is crucial if you want to leverage the new quality standards Eko Studio offers.

Simply re-upload the files in 1080p or the highest quality you have them and they will get re-encoded for optimized quality and delivery.

Step 3: Publish!

Lastly, publish an update.


Preparing and Uploading Old Assets:

Flash assets are no longer supported. We recommend redesigning your buttons to fit the new HTML player. If you have CSS and/or Javascript knowledge you can do this in the Button Editor, or just by dragging a high quality image into your library. SVGs are also supported if you want to keep it vector-crisp!