You can create your own buttons and timer designs outside of Eko Studio and upload them to the Library.

Image Button

Screen Shot 2015-07-21 at 2.37.08 PMYou can upload an image (in a supported format) to Eko Studio and then drag it from the Library directly onto the button. From there you can adjust the transform settings of the button as you wish.

Button/Timer Skin Style

In Eko Studio, you can adjust the elements themselves and edit their settings in the Style tab Options. You can also save and re-use Design Presets for buttons and timers.

Custom Animations

For image buttons, you can customize different animated transitions for the button in the “Options” Tab under the style menu.
The different transitions are grouped under:

  • Appear - the animation applied to button when it appears
  • Hover - the animation applied to button when a user hovers on it  (this is a desktop only animation, “Unhover” animation whould be applied automatically, reversing the animation back to idle state)
  • Selected - the animation applied to button when it is selected
  • Not-Selected – the animation applied to button when a different button got selected
  • Disappear - the animation applied to button when it disappears

For different transitions you can use different types animations: Fade, Fly in/out, Scale & Highlight.

There are different options available for customizing the different transitions. Currently all options exist in the menu, but only some of the options in the menu will be relevant to the selected transition type, per the below breakdown: