This feature allows you to save an element’s design and structure as a preset, then apply it onto a large number of nodes in one simple drag & drop action.

You can apply a preset directly from the library by dragging the preset from the Design Presets library and dropping it on any of the nodes in the tree or on a grouping of selected nodes. You can also choose to apply a Preset from the Node Editor.

The presets contain the following settings:

  • Timers and graphic elements – style, transform, hide/show, text (only when none exists)
  • External links, sharing and play/pause elements – style, transform, hide/show, text and values (only when none exist), and sound.
  • Node select buttons – style, transform, hide/show and sound.

Managing presets:
When double clicking a Preset in the Design Preset library, a pop-up manger screen will open. You can use this manager to rename and edit the description for your presets. The preset preview monitor will show the preset overlaid on a blurred image of the video asset it was initially created on.

Import & Export:
The more revolutionary side of this feature is you can choose to import and export presets to and from your computer. This makes it easier than ever to use Design Presets across different projects as well share presets with other users.
You can import & export presets both in the Design Presets library and in the ‘Manage Design Presets’ pop-up manager.