The interface of the interactive video are the elements you decide to put on top of your video to control it.

Start planning and designing your interface during the ideation stages of your project.  The buttons, timers and other elements can’t be separated from the rest of the the interactive video. You can use the Style Tab gallery to pick the design you like, or create your own

You can create Design Presets to help you quickly edit the interface. Make sure you consider the elements’ timing, fade in/out timing and effect, sound, etc.

In Eko Studio you can find two main types of interface elements: buttons and timers.

Buttons are the UI, GUI interface or graphic elements you decide to add on top of your video to enhance the interactive experience. Buttons are automatically created for each child node and arranged symmetrically on the screen. The name of the connecting node will be the default text for the button.

Timers let viewers know how long they have to make a choice and click a button before the node ends.

The Expand/Collapse button is special type of element used in Menu Layers.