On any published project, you can access the Insights dashboard by clicking the chart icon.

On this page, you’ll find the project’s most valuable information at a glance.

Views - the number of times an interactive video is played, including repeated plays by the same user.

Viewers - total number of unique viewers who have played the interactive experience.

Completion Rate - percentage of views where the interactive experience plays through to the end screen.

Engagements - the total number of times viewers have interacted with the experience.

Engagement Rate - percentage of engaged viewers (viewers who have engaged at least once with the experience).

Share Rate - percentage of viewers who have shared the experience through the social share icons in the project GUI or the player bar.

Views Over Time - visual representation of the Views metric over the selected timeline. Note you can change the time range by selecting the start and end date in the top-right corner.

Platform Views - shows which platform your viewers are interacting on (desktop, iOS, android, other).