In some cases (mostly when you set buttons to jump “on click”), you want the button (and other buttons that are part of the choice) to disappear immediately and not linger into the next node like the default eko studio behavior.
The way to achieve that for image buttons is:Image Button Settings


  1. Under the “Style” Tab, go to “Options
  2. Make sure the Animation Type for the “Selected” state is set to “Scale
  3. Set the “Scale-To” value to zero.
  4. Set the “Duration” value to zero.
  5. Repeat steps 2-4 for the “Not Selected” state.

Note that this can currently only works for image buttons, not other templates of buttons and not for timers.


Making non-choice buttons disappear on click on other choice buttons 

¬†Sometimes you will want an additional button on the screen to disappear when clicking one of the choice buttons, this could be a graphic button, or a link-out button. To achieve that you’ll need to:
  1. Create an image button with the graphic you want
  2. Set the action of this image button to “Select Node”, the and set a node that this button selects – you can choose any node, it doesn’t matter as this connection will never happen (see steps), set the auto-selection star of this button’s layer off.
  3. Under “Style”/”Options” set the “Not Selected” state animations like the steps 2-4 described above (this will make sure the button is animated since it’s part of the choice)
  4. Add another button that is set to the actual action you want (e.g. link out, or a graphic button)
  5. Have the second button cover the first button, and make sure it’s above it in the elements list.
  6. Set the second button’s transparency to zero.