Production Naming Conventions

Purpose: We need to standardize the naming process of elementtext and node_id so that the names are not randomized and clearly reflect their function. These names need to be standardized for successful and accurate reporting on key metrics.


The following should apply to custom and standard buttons in eko studio. 

➤ For Choice Buttons, please use the prefix indicated below and replace ‘Button_Name_1′, ‘Button_Name_2′, etc. with the actual name of the button.

Eko Studio Button Button Function      elementtext      Example
 unnamed Shop shop_ shop_ShopIt
 unnamed (1)
Next Episode nextepisode_ nextepisode_NextVideo
 unnamed (2) Replay replay_ replay_ChooseAgain
 unnamed (3) Start Tutorial tutorialstart_ tutorialstart_MakeIt
Screen Shot 2021-03-22 at 5.53.13 PM Choice choice_ choice_Button_Name_1, choice_Button_Name_2


➤ Assign consistent node names that will allow for us to distinguish between buttons that appear at the middle or end of the view, allowing for ability to identify mid-way completion rate, button interactions at the mid-way point, and completion rate. 

Eko Studio node Node Function Node name
unnamed (5)
Midway Node midway_
reward Reward Screen Node reward_
end End Node end_