Previewing Your Project:

The Preview button at the top right corner of your screen allows you to see your work so far and how your project will appear to viewers. The Preview you will see is lower quality than your actual project; we do it this way so a Preview can be made available to you quickly. You can watch a preview of your project while you are working without publishing your project. Click the Preview button and use the toggle to switch between view and share modes.

Preview: View Mode

If a node is missing video assets, the authoring tool will insert a black screen placeholder during Preview to indicate that the node requires assets.

By default, Preview starts at the beginning of the project. If you want to play from a specific location, just right-click on the node where you want to start and select ‘Preview from a the selected node’, or hit Ctrl+F9 (Cmd+Fn+F9 for you Mac users). 

Sharing your Preview:

The Share tab in the Preview monitor gives you a Preview URL so that you can share your work in progress with others.

You can send the Preview URL to an email address by typing in the recipient and clicking Send.

You can also make your preview Private by checking the box and creating a password.

At the bottom of the Preview share tab you’ll see a QR code. Use a QR scanner to open your project on mobile and see how your project will look and feel on mobile.