The Publish Manager is located at the top right corner of the authoring tool, next to Preview.

Publishing Your Project:

Clicking the ‘Publish’ button inside the Publish Manager will make your project live online. If your project doesn’t give you the option to Publish, make sure all your nodes have a video asset and are connected to the main tree structure. Additionally, make sure your first node is connected to the Loading Screen and delete any empty or unused nodes from the workspace!

While our publisher is hard at work, you can continue to work on your project. Before you publish for the first time, insert your email in the publish manager and you will receive an email when your project is finished publishing.

Once the project is published, the manager will display your project status.

Your project can be embedded on Facebook, shared across social media platforms, and viewed on mobile without the use of an app.

View your Published Project:

The View Your Project button will allow you to view your most recent publish. The date and time of your most recent publish are indicated above the View Your Project button. You can also view if your project is private or public. To change the privacy settings check out the Settings Tab.

Share Tab – The share tab includes share buttons for Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr, as well as the URL link of your published page.

Embed Tab – Anyone can embed your video on any website or blog. You can change the size of the embedded video in the ‘Video Size’ drop-down menu and the embed iframe code will be updated automatically.

Publish Updates – Clicking this button will update your published page with the latest changes you’ve made. The original URL link will stay the same, but the project will reflect any changes made in the authoring tool since your last publish. If your project is embedded anywhere else online, it will be updated when you publish updates.

Unpublish – Clicking this will delete your live published page. The published video will no longer be available, so make sure to delete all shares or embeds, or else they’ll lead to a broken link.