The tree toolset is there to help you navigate through your project tree, see it in different views and easily focus on smaller sections of your interactive story. You can move the toolset anywhere on the tree by clicking on the gripping pad on the right side of the panel and dragging the toolset.

Search the Tree: click the magnifying glass to search for a specific node in your tree.

Create a New Node: click the “+” icon to create a new independent node.

Create a New Parallel Node: click the forked icon to add a new independent parallel node with four channels.

Switch Views:

  • Default view – shows the basic tree structure of nodes and connections.
  • Connection view – allows you to see the circles (connect on Node End/Click) on the connection lines while working on your tree.
  • Relation view – when clicking on a node you’ll be shown all its parent nodes and child nodes, which is especially great when working on big, intricate tree structures.
  • Menu Layer view – shows a yellow hue on all the nodes using the menu layer.


Tip! Zoom in and out of the tree area for a bigger or smaller view of your tree.

Tip! To navigate the tree, select the hand tool to move around the tree area, or hold the space bar and drag on an empty area. You can also scroll around in the tree area to navigate.