After being used successfully for several months by our Brand Partnerships devision, Treehouse is now publishing projects to Interlude’s amazing HTML5 player.
Our player is programmed to fetch many different video files from the cloud in real time, and deliver a single video stream on the fly based on the user’s behavior.
The result is a completely smooth viewing experience directly from the browser on a variety of devices and platforms -no buffering, glitches or delays.
You can create a brand new project, or convert an existing project.
And don’t forget about the new features we’ve added!

Convert a Project

The conversion process with each project should be:
- Open the existing project.
- You’ll get one of the two following pop-up messages:
Untitled drawing (20)
- To make life easier on you, you can either convert the project itself, or work on a copy. The “work on a copy” option was designed for situations where the project is already published and the creator would like to keep it in place while working on an update.
- In some cases there might be some unexpected button behaviors and styles effected by the conversion. So go over the project buttons & edit them in case their transform/style settings changes during the conversion.
- Now publish the project. Please note that if your video is live (embedded in a website or linked to) and you chose to convert a copy the video’s URL will change, which means you’ll need to update the links and/or iframe.

Your published Treehouse video is now available on HTML5 compliant browsers without a separate app!


Treehouse New Features

And we’ve also got some amazing GUI new editing upgrades to the Node Editor:

1. Multiple Selection

Select several elements (by selecting a group or Click+Crtl/Cmd) in the Node Editor and apply an action to all of them at once.


2. Locking elements layers

You can decide that any of your elements is locked, meaning it can’t be edited, moved, or selected.

3. Grid

See, isn’t your life better already?


4. Style Options

The Style tab in the button editor now includes the ability to edit the buttons Style Option from within Treehouse.

Note the color picker and advanced editing for text buttons.

5. Arrange and Align – simple to use align option which helps you quickly adjust a selection of elements to another element in the monitor or to the entire canvas, or simply arrange them on the monitor in one of the suggested structures.

unnamed (2)

6. Multiline support – you can now start a new line from inside a button by clicking Shift+Enter.