Some great changes to the Library!

Folders – organize your assets with folders, sub-folders ( and sub-sub-folders, if you must).
Multiple Selection – select several assets at the same time using the Ctrl/Cmd or Shift keys to drag&drop to another folder, delete, etc.
Undo/Redo – deleted a file by mistake? the undo shortcut is here to help! You can undo and redo Library actions with a simple Ctrl+Z or Ctrl+Y (or Cmd+Z and Cmd+Y for all you Mac enthusiasts).
Search – use the search bar to easily locate assets in your Library.
Right-click menu – all the above and more is easily accessible in the right click menu for each asset, a selected group of assets, or folder.
‘Uploaded at’ – check the upload time stamp for each asset in the asset settings/ Trim.